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Combining Best of Both, is our Winning Growth Strategy For your Technology Company 
SEO is the key element for business’s visibility they need to attract customers during this digital era. Along with the wider visibility across, optimizing business for local search is becoming crucial for effectively marketing business, product or service. Recent study shows that 46% of mobile users have ‘local intent’ behind their search. Based on this new reality we develop strategies combining SEO and GMB towards one and only goal growing your technology business. 

We take pride in specializing in SEO services for technology based companies. 
How Our SEO Services Help Your Business Growth?

Having a website is not enough. You have to make people see it. This is where our SEO service comes into play. SEO is the process of optimizing your website pages, blog posts, and more. If you do it right, you can get a significant amount of traffic from search engines like Google.


We work on the following search engine ranking factors to bring the positive outcome for you.

⚫️  Search intent  ⚫️  Backlinks  ⚫️  Page speed  ⚫️  User experience  ⚫️ Content freshness, depth, and accuracy  ⚫️  Site authority  ⚫️  Security  ⚫️  Mobile friendliness  ⚫️  Structured data  ⚫️  Optimized for voice search

You can choose either between a monthly solution or a once-off campaign that will suit your budget. The only difference between them is the amount of time our team will spend on improving your website, and the more time we have, the bigger and more apparent results we will be able to achieve for you


Our SEO service can help you to get found by your local customers!

DigiConnect can get your business on the map. We make sure that your local customers will notice you and not your competitor. We update an maintain your business geographic information so your website is easily found on major search engines and online directories.

Local SEO is more important and necessary than ever.

Google’s launch of its proximity-based search technologies has changed the SEO game. The pc program giant can presently notice a user’s location and returns native search results supported that geographic data.. The business that is best optimized for native search will appear on high of the list—and will probably get tons of consumers than the rest. However, can your website rank regionally for your niche?

Local SEO ensures that your website makes it to the best of the heap and gets the most attention

Without it, you are primarily invisible—and your competitors have gotten all the purchasers.


Google research data indicates a significant percentage of guests looking online for an area business will visit a brick-and-mortar store within days of their search, so if you can rank high on search for your niche in your local area, your success possibilities multiplies by few times.

However, can web optimization for local SEO and promoting services help?
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Continuous marketing: Your optimized presence on the search engine for local niche keep your business visible and continue working like a charm and bring you the growth you are looking for.


Extra leads: local search improvement of your website helps you get tons of leads to engage meaningfully and help to grow your business. As a promoting agency, our services are targeted at the use of optimized ways, techniques, and technology to push your website to the top of result pages.


Complete visibility: once your website gets a more robust rank on the result page, your site gets traction and visibility. We, at DigiConnect, give skilled services to strengthen your whole identity and awareness in the virtual world.

Higher user experience:  Our skilled team of developers, coders, can design and develop or improve a website for your local business that is interactive and simple, while providing a powerful tool and faster browsing experience, which is essential to improve rankings.  

Why do you need the services of a promoting SEO agency?
  • SEO agencies help you to focus on the important things first

  • Agencies can bring you the results that grow stronger with time.

  • Agencies can bring you the results that grow stronger with time.

  • SEO agencies help you avoid mistakes that set your business back.

  • A full service SEO agency can you keep on top of the trends and can integrate with other marketing effort

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Get a dedicated SEO partner to boost your business growth

DigiConnect has what it takes to boost your rankings, ultimately serving you to improve sales and build shopper loyalty. Our local SEO service is comprehensive of everything needed to lift your business ranking and continue doing the best to keep you there.

Small Business Expert

Our experts are passionate about launching your journey to success! Each of our specialised packages are designed to improve small business rankings to skyrocket beyond your growth goals.

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