What Content Will Engage the Different Types of Consumer Audiences?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Customer engagement – in the world of consumerism it makes the world go round. So what type of content or offer do you engage in to keep the different types of audiences happy? Good question!

Capturing data and then using that data to make sound choices is how you are going to customize the content for your audiences. When you are able to understand your consumers’ needs, intent, and past purchasing history, you can leverage that information to re-engage and re-market to that audience. You can easily achieve this because now you really to speak to their needs. How you do this will depend on what kind of company you are, what resources you have available and what your budget looks like.

At the root of these strategies is useful content that is on topic and allows you to show a continuous relevance to the consumers who are purchasing specific products from you. Through your consumer engagement, you should be getting an indication of what motivates the consumer and then you should be diligently working at helping to solve their issues.

Blogs are a good way to have all of the information centralized. If you create a content hub and then you can repurpose that same content to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and the list goes on. You can use as many of these social media outlets as you feel you will benefit from. All provide you with additional opportunities to reach your audience and re-connect. Add scheduled email communication to your program that promotes brand recognition.

When you offer useful information that the consumer finds valuable they are more receptive to hearing and sharing your message. It keeps your product on the front lines online and good branding means your product has the potential to grow into being a household name.

This approach means that you can address the needs of the many different audience types that you have. You can keep each engaged in something of value for them, so there is no need to lose any of your audience. This approach also provides the opportunity to re-promote your products/services the right way and at the appropriate time, which add value. When you re-engage you re-affirm the relevance of what you have to offer. In that way, it is right side up marketing, because it has an inbound effect, rather than an interruptive outbound effect.

This is how you engage your different types of consumer audience and keep them happy along with keeping your company’s bottom line happy.

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