The Value of Likes and Shares in Engaging Your Customer

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Engaging your customers online is an important undertaking of every business and one of those ways is to engage them through social media. The social response is a way for your customers and potential customers to weigh in on what is being said on social media.

When a follower likes your content it generally means they have read it and they found it interesting or agreed with it. For the most part if a person, likes something it means it didn’t offend them. A like is similar to a ‘thumbs up.’ If they share your content then generally it means that they see it as having some value to others.

If you earn a comment, you need to realize this takes the most amount of effort so it is apparent that you have successfully achieved a high level of engagement and that is what your goal should be. To know that you are engaging with your customers online in an effective manner, you want to see them leaving comments on your posts. If day after day your posts get little engagement then you need to consider what you can do to change the situation, because it is apparent that you are not successfully engaging.

Of course, results you can measure relate to why you are on social media to begin with. If you are there just to raise your brand’s awareness than you will likely have to accept getting likes and shares and little more. However, if you are there to engage with your followers or connections then you will want to create a two way conversation as much as possible.

You need to recognize that the more you can create these two way conversations and engage with your customers and followers the more interested they will be in visiting your pages and seeing what’s new and exciting in your company world and what new products/services you might have to offer. Generating this kind of interest is good for business. It takes little effort to click a like button and really not even read what’s in front of you. It takes much more effort to engage on a post and that means your followers are actually paying attention to what you have to say and they find it valuable enough to have a conversation about. That’s true customer engagement online and that’s what is going to grow your business and improve brand recognition.

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