The KPIS and Customer Engagement Goals

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Customer Engagement is often overlooked. Yet every company should have their KPIS and customer engagement goals set. So what should that look like?

ROI or return on investment is key to every business and Ro, which is the return, is up to you. What one sees is a good return on their investment is personal and it is defined by the company and the shareholders or by management. You need to make sure that you define this.

You do not need to make sure that all is directed in a commercial direction, but it is a good idea if it ties back to your commercial venue. It is easy to make sure that your commercial goals are linked to your marketing KPIs or you customer engagement by simply developing your own matrix.

You can use this approach so that people from varying levels that each have their own perspective within the company can see the value of having a retention program or customer engagement program. For example, look at a referral of your product to a friend vs. a customer who makes their third and fourth purchase. Both of these matters. Both of these are linked to the traffic on your website. As a result, you can easily tie them both to sales.

For the repeat customer it is clearly visible that there is lifetime value just as there is for the new customer. So when it comes to new vs. return visitors Google Analytics is an excellent tool for marketers who are trying to establish commercial goals and need to see if those goals have been met.

You will be able to easily see where the customer engagement takes place and the direct relationship is built. For example, you could see that Facebook, which is generally customer orientated, is where you had your first customer engagement. You might have a customer group on your website. You might have a customer form. Your goal is to find the simplest way to judge customer engagement.

With social media usage growing at exponential rates, it is key to amplify your message. When you engage your customer on some level, you can look at just how well your content/message is resonating to your audience.

Sales are your end goal; however, before the sales, the KPIs can make things more manageable for those on the front lines and it will certainly make it more meaningful.

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