How to Engage Your Customers With Holiday Marketing

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

It seems there’s always a holiday around the corner. When it comes to online marketing no longer, do we wait for Black Friday to send our online marketing into overdrive? Instead, we now address the holidays as they arrive. In fact, smart businesses think about starting their marketing kick offs earlier rather than late. At one point, we recognized the main holidays like Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc. Now we recognize many holiday (as far as marketing goes) including Black Friday, Halloween, Martin Luther King Day, etc. It seems retailers from all walks have learned that holiday marketing can be extremely beneficial to them.

Let’s look at Halloween as an example. When you are planning your Halloween campaign consider this, 71.5 percent of all adults plan to celebrate or participate in some kind of Halloween activity. There is no specific demographic that is more likely to participate than another. This would indicate that no matter what demographic you serve you can benefit from running a marketing campaign through Halloween. This is one example of how knowing the stats for a particular holiday can be beneficial in helping you decide whether to run a campaign. Generally speaking, if you ignore a holiday you will be missing out on a marketing opportunity and a way to engage your customers.

How to Engage Your Customers With Holidays

1. Have a loyalty program where holidays build additional bonus points. You can even run a separate loyalty program from just holidays if you want. Always test the waters first. See how receptive your customers are to a loyalty program. Try to design one specific to your brand and your customer needs. Your options truly are endless.

2. Offer free giveaways with purchases on holidays or create mystery packs that you sell on holidays. You can use this in many ways to participate in the festivities of the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to be extremely creative with your giveaways and try to tie them to the holiday.

3. A holiday is an excellent time to give your site a facelift. Work with your website designer to make small holiday related changes to your pages. You can have a lot of fun to this! You might even be able to make the changes yourself depending on your skills or how much access you have to your site.

4. This is an excellent time to reach out to your customers and engage them. You can combine your marketing for that period with the holiday. Include social media and email campaigns. Let your customers know that you love to celebrate these special times.

Learning how to engage your customers by incorporating holiday celebrations is a skill you won’t want to miss out on.

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