How One Company Uses Viral Video to Engage Customers at Minimal Cost

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Every year there a number of digital conferences that occur, sharing how they have enjoyed brand success as well as the obstacles they have overcome. Recently at one of those digital conferences, Tesco shared their international marketing campaign and we think it’s worth sharing further.

The challenge that Tesco was facing in their international marketing is that while they were a household name throughout the UK, they were entering new markets, which included their online grocery delivery service. This did not have much awareness – in fact, Tesco would call it poor. So it’s goal was to raise the awareness of this service with a younger generation who generally was watching less television than previous generations.

Part of Tesco’s solution to this was their lighthearted, funny, videos that aired on YouTube. These videos went viral in Poland in no time at all. This is an excellent example of how a marketing campaign can use entertainment to create a message that is appealing to different cultures. It is an excellent example of how you can engage your customers and potential customers on a low budget and enjoy great success. Tesco began this trial in Poland and YouTube videos reached more than 740,000 views in just a few months, peaking at a more than 1 ½ million views. The cost – only a few thousand dollars for each of the videos. The benefits far exceeded the cost of producing and airing these videos. In fact, it exceeded their own expectations.

It’s time to back away from promotion driven videos that are very expensive to produce and instead think about creating marketing videos on a low budget that will engage and interest your customers. It’s time to look at how your company could produce a video that was entertaining and that your market wanted to watch, without spending a huge amount of money. You may not have even considered videos as a marketing tool you can take advantage of. You should!

More and more companies are recognizing the value of videos. YouTube remains the most popular mode of distribution but there are others such as Vimeo. Don’t be afraid to explore the various channels.

In addition, to creating and sharing these videos to engage your customers don’t forget to share them through your social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – there are many! Take advantage of a fun and interesting way to engage your customers!

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