4 Ways to Improve Your Online Customer Engagement

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Improving your online customer engagement is key to your overall success. Let’s look at 4 ways you can use to improve your customer engagement.

Value Proposition

For the majority of ecommerce merchants or any store with a website, taking advantage of value proposition can be a useful tool to engage your customers. In fact, many of the experts believe it to be vital. Your website design will leave your visitors with an impression about your products and website.

Web users don’t like to read unless they must, but that said, you need to make sure that you clearly state what your company stands for, your return policy, history of your products, and anything else that is valuable and important. Of course, value added content is important too, just make sure that it is written in an easy to read format and includes plenty of lists.

Create a Product Video

Many businesses have found that adding product videos to their website gives them a boost in their conversion rate. What we know for all websites is that when you add video it creates a richer, more impactful product page that is going to engage and interest your customer much better than straight text. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that has been proven true time and time again online. If you can’t create a product video than at least make sure that you add pictures that are relevant to what you are talking about.

Personal Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very powerful, which is why they are so popular. They can take many different forms but it seems the most powerful customer review has a picture of the face of the person making the review. So encourage your customers to post their pic when they write a review.

Create New Categories

You want to make sure that you don’t confuse your visitors but you should still constantly tweak your categories and your filters to ensure that your visitors have the best possible navigation. The navigation on your website can engage your customer or have them hitting the back button in two seconds flat. So, make it user friendly. Also, add categories for special events or holidays that apply to your products or services. You might also add a sales page or a promotion category. Don’t be afraid to play a little here. It’s good to keep things alive.

These 4 things are sure to help you do a better job of engaging your customer, so why not plan on implementing them today?

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