3 Key Ways to Engage Your Customers Online

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Engaging your customers online is an important part of your business success. To do so takes some work and planning on your part. Here are 3 key ways that are guaranteed to help you engage better with your customers online.

1. Social Media

Social media a very broad arena. It includes many things such as crowd sourced imagery, simple embedded tweets, social sign-in for comments, incentives against content, trending items, share imperatives and much more.

Social media is a tool that should never be overlooked. Because there are so many social media, networks to choose from you need to know your customer well and then choose what social media avenues would work best for your business. Use as many social media outlets as you feel will be beneficial to engaging with your customers.

2. Site search

Make your site search as simple and as useful as possible. For example, ToysRUs has their search setup to auto complete. It also shows the SKUs for each term the user types in. Take this example and use it on your website, even on a smaller scale.

The accuracy of your results is very important so focus on that as your number one priority. Then make things simple for your visitor to use. Make the search as functional as possible and the easier it makes your visitors ability to find what they want the better.

3. Live chat

The call to action is important on every ecommerce site, and live chat can play an important role in achieving your call to action. It is a valuable feature it has so many uses. You can have live chat to solve customer complaints, answer questions, provide inventory lists, etc. and it can include a call to action. Live chat provides instant gratification for the customer and an excellent way for you to engage your customer online.

However, it is important not to frustrate your customer by claiming you have live chat and then having it seldom actually available, instead answered by a computer. No live chat is better than this method. Clearly state the hours when live chat will be available.

Make use of these 3 key ways to engage your customer online and keep them happy. Your customers are the key to your success, so make sure that you give engaging with them the attention it deserves.

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