Business Card & A Shareable Mini Website Integrated Into One

It’s more than just a card. It is a set of networking tools and a shareable mini website into one.

Be a franchisee now!


Millions of businesses is your potential customer. Simply introduce and MAKE MONEY on each sale.

** Partners are encouraged to promote only Business Card + Mini Website. Margin will be 50% of the selling price. Instead of DIY option if clients need design help, partners can earn one-time $50 to  $100 for Done For You service. 

About This Opportunity

franchise opportunity
Digital Business Card

Any customer-oriented business is your potential client - an endless income prospect:


We are offering reselling opportunities to anyone that's willing to introduce our Digital Business Card & Mini Website services to interested businesses, and earn on every sale. No cap. Unlimited opportunity. Your own admin dashboard.


Highly in-demand service. Millions of prospects. every business, small or big is your potential customer. Simply introduce and make money on each sale.

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