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The ability to hit the top 5 marketing channels instantly and automatically makes DigiConnect so effective.

As soon as a lead is captured from any web source like landing pages, websites, promotions and so on, it allows prospects to:

Launch multi-agent phone/video calls instantly from same web link

Allow your website/landing page visitors to launch telephone/video calls straight to your allocated number with zero cost.

Receive emails delivered into their inbox instantly

Receive, send, respond and broadcast emails for maximum engagements

Make whatsapp chat or voice communications

Opportunity to market to 2 billion WhatsApp users across the globe for free

Watch Interactive Video Stories

Create embedded and sharable Interactive forms/video stories to persuade prospects to engage.

Receive text message right after opt-in

Instantly receive and deliver text messages across the globe

Initiate online chat

Deploy Integrated Chatbot Marketing via FB Messenger to take engagement to a whole new level

Receive Interactive Voicemail Drops

You can relay mass voice messages to any mobile across the globe

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